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A Healing Peace: Self-Help Podcast

A Healing Peace Podcast

A Healing Peace Podcast bridges the gap between
faith-based and therapeutic resources.

If you are looking to heal from trauma and find your purpose in life, then this is the place for you. Our empowerment podcast provides information for emotional, mental, and spiritual health. We focus on positive mindset strategies to heal the whole person.

Self-Help Podcast Host

Kemir Baker has been a Christian for over twenty years. She attributes her success to the blessings and inner workings of God. She endured a traumatic childhood that included abuse from a caregiver on all levels. Much later in life after possessing difficulties in college, specialists diagnosed her with a learning disability.

However, she did not allow these experiences to prohibit her from achieving her dreams and goals. She decided that these circumstances would not define her future.

Her personal healing journey has occurred for decades and continues. She acknowledges that it takes time to heal. As she continued her life’s journey, she sought strength and purpose from God. This is the same strength and purpose she strives to instill in you.

Kemir Baker Podcast Host

Welcome to the Best Self-Help Podcast

Want a podcast experience that boosts self-care, self-growth, and self-improvement, while emphasizing emotional and spiritual healing?

Our mission is to connect with women by interviewing life coaches, social workers, therapists, and everyday people to strengthen and renew your emotional well-being. We want to inspire the release of the hurt, pain, and busyness of life to receive emotional healing from God.

We believe that God has an amazing purpose for every woman’s life. Our goal is to help women embrace this purpose and live out their destinies.

Take the journey by listening to a Christian podcast that promotes self-help, self-improvement, and mental health. In your journey, you will receive spiritual guidance and support.

194. E3 – Overcoming the Past & Gaining Purpose Pt. 2

Latest Episode

194. E3 – Overcoming the Past & Gaining Purpose Pt. 2

Want practical steps to overcome adversity and turn past pain into purpose? A Healing Peace speaks with Nonprofit Founder, Emilio Noyola Jr about developing spiritual programs for children whose parents are incarcerated. Learn how his purpose emerged from pain to empower children of incarcerated parents to find their voice and make better decisions.

E3 – Overcoming the Past & Gaining Purpose Pt. 2

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