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Personal Growth & Development Workbook

Embrace Your Full Potential for $10

In 10 weeks, our digital Personal Growth & Development workbook will equip you with practical methods to nurture your emotional well-being, with God’s help.

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About the Authors

Kemir Baker and Dr. Crystal Consonery developed exercises to assist in changing your perceptions and thinking. With the guidance of our 10-week digital workbook, the result is the release from negative experiences, while drawing you closer to God.
Kemir Baker & Crystal Consonery

Gracefully designed, for your transformation

You are loved by God, and He has big plans for your life.

These facts are why we created the Personal Growth & Development Workbook. It’s a practical approach for personal growth and development through journaling and prayer prompts that reveals the power of self-reflection and self-discovery while strengthening your emotional well-being with God’s help.

Pick up your weekly encouragement and practical transformation for 10 weeks!

Spiritual Education and Connection for Long-Term Transformation.

Chapter Outline

Personal Growth and Development contains the following chapters (click title for details):

Make God's vision for you a reality

You will learn how to recognize when you are feeling down or stressed, how to deal with those feelings in healthy ways, and how to use them as fuel to make positive changes in your life. Each week’s lessons contain practical exercises that will help you to manage your emotions while bringing you closer to God.

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