Personal Growth & Development


A practical approach for personal growth and development through journaling and prayer prompts. This method reveals the power of self-reflection and self-discovery while strengthening your emotional well-being with God’s help. Pick up your daily encouragement and practical transformation for 10 weeks!

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Authors Kemir Baker and Dr. Crystal Consonery developed exercises to assist in changing your perceptions and thinking. The result of the shifted mindset is the release from negative experiences while drawing you closer to God. Personal Growth and Development contains the following chapters:

1) Combating Shutdowns:
“The name of the Lord is a fortified tower;
the righteous run to it and are safe.” ~Proverbs 18:10 Combating Shutdowns chapter explores running to God for safety. Implement a 7 day practical approach of petitioning God to tackle the urge to shut down.

2) Overcoming Self-Doubt:
“God is within her, she will not fall; God will help her at break of day.” Psalm 46:5 Overcoming Self-Doubt chapter examines God’s presence to demolish the grips of self-doubt. Be guided through a 7 day approach to embracing God’s presence while tackling our fears manifested by self-doubt.

3) Defeating Conflict:
Take the journey in releasing the hurt caused by the conflict to emerge as the beautiful butterfly God designed you to be. Partake in a 7 day approach for transformation to defeat the emotional duress caused by hurt while embracing emotional healing and wellness.

4) Embracing Others:
“The LORD is my helper; I will not be afraid. What can anyone do to me?”- Hebrews 13:6 Embracing Others chapter discusses becoming O.P.E.N. This chapter addresses opening our hearts to love and trust. The authors explore trusting God and not fearing man which are essential principles in embracing others.

5) Holding on to God’s Promises:
“Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done.” ~Luke 22:42 Holding on to God’s Promises chapter explores acceptance of God’s will despite conflict and hardships. This chapter anchors us to God’s truths and promises.

6) Healing from Loss:
Healing from Loss chapter explores journeying through the five grief stages with God. This chapter reveals that during grief or loss, God longs to be with us. Take the journey with us and strengthen your understanding that God is always with us.

7) Journey to Wholeness:
Journey to Wholeness chapter reveals the call to grow and mature despite our emotional pains. This chapter explores the areas to consider along the journey to wholeness.

8) Steps to Forgiveness:
Steps to Forgiveness chapter highlights God’s unfailing capacity to forgive us and thereby allowing us to bask in his love. This chapter delves into forgiveness to remove unresolved pain from our emotional wellness or healing journeys.

9) Dealing with Rejection:
Dealing with Rejection chapter identifies the behaviors associated with rejection. This chapter identifies God’s support and the step to overcome rejection.

10) Practicing Gratitude:
Practicing Gratitude chapter emphasizes the power of gratitude and it’s ability to alter circumstances. This chapter focuses our attention on the good we experience instead of life’s disappointments.