Get Transformational Spiritual-Based Emotional Health Support

We empower women by providing spiritual education and connection for long-term transformation and purposeful living.

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On a Mission to Transform Lives

J-Intelligence Networks, Inc. (JINTEL) provides educational programs that promote activities for self-expression, self-awareness, confidence building, inner strength, spiritual connection, emotional healing, and purposeful living. Our programs and tools educate, connect, and transform into the abundant life that God provides.

Embrace Healing

Learn the origin of your limiting beliefs and wash them away.

Seek Deliverance

Discover what is holding you back and overcome your spiritual obstacles.

Receive Peace

Live a new life knowing that your heart and mind is protected from life’s challenges.

Faith-based programs and workshops meant to empower your emotional well-being:

Our approach to faith-based healing is to give you the tools to extract the practical life benefits from stories in the Bible, to empower your  emotional wellness path. 

With workshops that include Praying & Journaling, Changing Your Thinking, Believing in Yourself, and Discovering Your Purpose; you can begin the journey to invest in yourself while washing away the pain caused by life’s stressors.

Many believe God expects us to be perfect and that He is disappointed in us. However, our understanding of God is that He is forgiving, understanding, and patient with us.

We facilitate these tough conversations in our, ‘A Healing Peace’ podcast, with professional counselors and everyday overcomers to discuss topics like the origin of limiting beliefs, how to shift your mindset, mental and spiritual wellness, and the process of shaping your identity.

Unfortunately, many aspects of religion do not support our emotional and mental health. We believe that through our brokenness, God provides healing.

Our goal is to make sure you have a safe space to receive the emotional and mental health support that is based on spiritual principles, without the stigma of organized religion.

We enlist qualified individuals (counselors, life coaches, and certified professionals) to address specific dimensions of the healing and emotional health journey.

We understand that your health is a deeply personal matter.

That is why we strive to keep your well-being and your identity protected. We understand that there are many threats to both—and we know how it feels to be vulnerable.

We want to help you feel like you can focus on your healing without being exposed, taken advantage of, or afraid for your safety.


There is a growing need for emotional support, and we are here to cater to it

According to a survey in 2016 by the American Psychology Association, 51% of Americans noted that they could have used more emotional support than they received.

In 2020, due to the stress indicators produced by disruptions from the pandemic, the majority of adults (61%) say they could have used more emotional support than they received over the past 12 months. Without emotional support, one may feel alone, which can lead to a variety of health problems.

Our Board


There is strength and power in a community. Our team joins forces to equip women on their emotional health and healing journeys. We represent a diverse background coming together to stand for women. We have had experiences that allow us to know that we cannot do it alone. In those experiences, we learned the value of having the necessary tools to overcome our challenges. Together, we are empowering women to stand in their truth, rise up, and live abundantly!

Our philosophy is to represent God in a fresh light. We reveal that through our brokenness, God provides healing. Thus, our core values include honesty, integrity, and community seasoned with humor and grace.

Our vision is to build a safe place for women to thrive in their emotional health and healing to restore peace to their lives.

Women Praying

Building a community of empowered women

JINTEL cultivates safe communities for women connecting with women. Developing a community combats isolation and feeling alone. We thrive when we have emotional and spiritual support.

Stronger U Workshops

Our series of interactive faith-based workshops are designed to explore your strengths, desires, dreams, and purpose.

Changing Your Thinking

Discover the causes of negative self-talk. You will learn how to identify limiting beliefs and get the tools to transform your mindset into a growth mindset.

Believing in Yourself

Boost your confidence level by exploring your authentic self. You will gain the tools to identify your inner strengths and abilities and learn how to enhance your abilities.

Discovering Your Purpose

Discover the causes of negative self-talk. You will learn how to identify limiting beliefs and get the tools to transform your mindset into a growth mindset.

Praying / Journaling

Get access to well-grounded methods for approaching God with sincerity and authenticity. Receive techniques for uncovering emotional anguish through journaling, and learn how healthy expression creates freedom.