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Shana Campbell

Shana Campbell

Shana is a first-generation American. She was born was raised in Brooklyn, NY and her parents are from the beautiful island of Jamaica. Her parents always instilled in her that she can achieve anything in life!
Shana holds a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Richmont Graduate
University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Clark Atlanta University. Also, she
participated in a collaborative book project with Nikki Woods, an Amazon best-selling author
and award-winning author (African American Literary Award) of the book SHIFT: 20 Women Share Stories of Strength, Courage, and Succeeding against the Odds. 

As a Self-Love Empowerment/Transformation Coach, she is empowering women to remember their WHOLENESS and Self-Worth through Self-Love. I provide high-level support for women who are always “on-the-go”, the professional woman, “go to” person, and the boss chick. Overall, any woman who has a demanding lifestyle. Oftentimes, trying to hold everyone and everything together can create burnout. While supporting everyone, who is supporting you? I help my clients create a self-care plan and strategies on how to create more harmony within their personal and professional life.

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