Our Story

J-Intelligence Networks (JINTEL) was founded in 2019 by Kemir Baker. The mission and vision for JINTEL came about from Kemir’s emotional health and healing journey. As she dealt with the long-lasting effects of trauma, she felt inadequate and ashamed for having emotional and mental issues that limited the enjoyment of her life. She also assumed along with most in her faith-based community that faith alone would resolve her deep-seated issues. However, after realizing that her faith was not enough, she pursued professional support. In her journey, she identified a gap between faith-based and therapeutic resources. She determined that therapeutic resources did not decrease the power of God in her life nor did Biblical resources mend all her wounds. She remained on her path to transform her molded identity from the trauma to her original identity as God created. When she applied the therapeutic tools with her faith, she discovered a path for emotional health and healing that exceeded her previous limitations.


While Kemir possessed the courage to overcome her trauma, she wanted others to have the resources to come out of the shadows of interpersonal hurt to embrace fulfillment. She did not want others to feel ashamed or guilty for requiring emotional support, especially in faith-based communities. She also realized the value of self-empowerment, self-care, and a support system. These elements provide a quality of life to all people. Therefore, JINTEL’s initiatives embody deliberate activities for mental, emotional, and spiritual health. We know that investing in our well-being releases the hurt and pain caused by life’s stressors. We can live in the moment with confidence while staying true to ourselves. We resolutely take back the life that God designed for us!